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Simple cloud management

for your entire network

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The future of Open-Mesh is ...

Continue with a cloudportal without monthly cost per accesspoint.

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Plasma-Cloud hardware is available

OM2P PA300-E
A42 PA1200
A62 PA2200





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Nu beschikbaar : WIFI-6

PAX1800 For extreme high wifi speeds

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About Cloudwim

Cloudwim is authorized Plasma-Cloud distributor. This website contains  information about the Plasma-Cloud products. The official Plasma-cloud website can be found here. The cloudwim website can be found here.

With PlasmaCloud you have can operate a hotspot network very easily and at low cost. The controller is located in the cloud and is web-based accessible. This means you do not need additional hardware components and you have the option of managing and configuring your network anywhere with internet access.

Ideally suited for campsites, hotels or offices that want to provide their guests with Internet access and keep guests completely separate from the internal company network.

However, the units are also ideally suited to use as a normal WiFi access point for companies or individuals. Especially the exceptionally good WiFi properties, the low price and the simplicity of connecting and managing the plasma-cloud devices amazes many people (true plug & play).

The PA300 / PA300E / PA1200 / PA2200 access points are specially designed for plasma-cloud with optimum coverage.

It is most optimal to connect all accesspoint with a wire to the network. But the system also has a mesh function. For this one at least one unit needs to be physically connected to the internet with a cable and then the reception range can be expanded by simply adding additional plasma-cloud points. These access points then establish a wireless connection (mesh) with the router that is connected by the cable. Thanks to the mesh functionality, the access points automatically see each other and forward these messages to each other.

The PA300, PA300 and PA1200 are already in a housing suitable for indoor and oudoor (click here for more info).

In addition to the access points, Plasma-cloud also has cloud-managed POE switches (click here for more info).

The Plasma-Cloud system also works with most Open-Mesh devices. 

Open-Mesh was sold to Datto and Datto changed the business model where people have to pay each month a fee per accesspoint. Most open-mesh customers did not liked this change. 

So already a lot of open-mesh customer switched to plasma-cloud. Plasma-cloud is developed by the same developers who developed open-mesh/cloudtrax. So switching to plasma-cloud is the most logical next step after open-mesh. 

For more information click here


Affordable Network Solution

Plasma Cloud offers an affordable turnkey solution to cover all needs in and around your network. WiFi Access Points and PoE Switches in various sizes to fit your needs & budget bundled with free & powerful cloud management.

Best In-Class Cloud

Plasma Cloud’s technology team has built the fastest and most scalable network management cloud system. Our experts have put in their combined experience to develop a truly unique product that will impress you in many ways.

Simplicity is Key

Plasma Cloud is designed for the needs of those tired of endless manual tweaking and cumbersome monitoring. Our smart software is designed to minimize setup effort to the essential and get you started in no time!

White-Label Console

Our console is the reference web interface. It is designed to be highly customizable, both for branding and adaptation purposes as well as for the end-user.


STEP 1: Hardware

Plasma Cloud offers affordable cloud managed WiFi Access Points and Switches in various sizes to better fit your needs and budget. Our mesh capable remotely managed Access Points can be deployed in virtually any situation, both indoor and outdoor, thanks to a wide range of mounting options. Our PA300, PA300E and PA1200 are enclosed in a IP55 certified outdoor housing which is completely dust and water resistant. Explore our range of products to find the ones that best fit your needs and then proceed to Step 2!

STEP 2: Software

All our products come with a lifetime free cloud management system. It is engineered to be so simple that there will be no need to spend countless hours configuring your network: just plug and play! Our experts focused on simplicity, speed and scalability to make sure you can enjoy a great user experience. What are you still waiting for?

STEP 3: Services

The Plasma Cloud marketplace is a novel ‘service store in the cloud‘. It offers a wide range of enterprise-level features from third party providers at a cost-effective price. By subscribing to a third party offering, you can easily extend the functionality of your devices and cater towards use cases you haven’t yet imagined. Learn more about our marketplace and explore the unmatched possibilities and flexibility this platform can offer you.