31-01-2024 Latest possibility for Open Mesh-migrations!

As previously reported, it would no longer be possible to migrate Open-Mesh units to Plasma-Cloud after December 31, 2023. Since it is now 2024, it is no longer possible at this time.

However, a number of companies have still contacted us and asked to migrate after the deadline. There were also a number of companies that had already started the migrations but which, among other things, had not yet been fully completed. We contacted Plasma-Cloud and we managed to get them to open up the migration option especially for us for a very short time.

It is expected that the migration wizard will be visible again in the plasma cloud console early next week.

Customers can still provide us with MAC addresses that they want to migrate to plasma cloud until 23-01-2024. This must be done before you can even start the migration. Call us for the conditions and don’t wait until the last minute!

Customers can then actually carry out migrations until January 31, 2024. After this date it definitely happened. All Open-Mesh units must have been online in plasma-cloud on that date in order to be able to use them within Plasma-Cloud after this date.

Let us help you migrate your Open-Mesh networks to Plasma-Cloud before January 31, 2024 and extend the life of your existing deployments. With our expertise and guidance you will experience the benefits of a modern Wi-Fi solution. Don’t wait until it’s too late, upgrade now and future-proof your network. Contact us today for more information

Once you have migrated your networks to Plasma-Cloud, you can easily upgrade to newer Plasma-Cloud hardware in the future. And that’s not all: Plasma-Cloud is about to release some exciting new products, including Wi-Fi 6E access points, a new range of switches and a major firmware update that includes WPA3 and other great features. Keep an eye on your mailbox.


Update 08-01-2024
Normally you would access the plasma-cloud console via https://console.plasma-cloud.com
To be able to see and use the migration wizard, you need to use a temporary url: https://migrate.console.plasma-cloud.com
This url stops working on 31-01-2024