Update firmware

New firmware 3.5.9

Version 3.5.9 – Released May 25, 2021  General: FEATURE: use HTTP compression during cloud checkin to save bandwidth Access Points: FEATURE: add support for 802.11r/k/v WiFi protocols for enhanced roaming (enabled by default) FEATURE: allow per-SSID DNS overrides (required by marketplace DNS services) FEATURE: avoid bridging SSID into LAN until default route is available FEATURE: […]

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Cloud & UI Update

Cloud & UI : February 2021 Plasma-Cloud also talks Dutch Now!The language can be changed via “Account Settings” (top right corner) and then select the Dutch language. Below you find all the changes of this update:  Cloud FUNCTIE: vervang ht-mode API door kanaalbreedte in netwerk- en toegangspuntinstellingen FUNCTIE: converteer de geschiedenis van netwerk- en toegangspuntinstellingen van

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