Cloud & UI Update


  • FEATURE: add support for advertising and purchasing of DNS services in the marketplace
  • FEATURE: add support for configuring DNS services per SSID
  • FEATURE: add support for triggering instant WiFi AI optimization
  • FEATURE: report when a firmware upgrade has timed out
  • BUGFIX: allow WiFi AI to use data up to 3 hours old
  • BUGFIX: add support for more timezones
  • BUGFIX: ensure SSID filtering works as expected in clients page


  • FEATURE: show warning when all SSIDs assigned to an Access Point have all radios disabled
  • FEATURE: show user that committed a change in settings history
  • FEATURE: add possibility to select DNS service in SSID settings
  • FEATURE: revamp Switch port reporting style (new colors & icons)
  • FEATURE: revamp Access Point port reporting style (new colors & icons)
  • FEATURE: show when a Switch port is blocked by STP in port view
  • FEATURE: promote firmware v3.5 to stable and relabel firmware versions in network settings accordingly
  • FEATURE: show banner about scheduled and ongoing backend maintenance
  • BUGFIX: show appropriate error when firmware upgrade has timed out
  • BUGFIX: avoid false reporting of Switch ports as “disabled by schedule”
  • BUGFIX: avoid breaking visualization of schedule timeline when resizing window
  • BUGFIX: properly show phone capability of connected devices
  • BUGFIX: sort networks alphabetically in CloudTrax-network import modal
  • BUGFIX: delete all schedules automatically when deleting an organisation