New firmware 3.5.20

Version 3.5.20 – Released February 07, 2022 Access Points: BUGFIX: prevent bypassing LAN block when captive portal is enabled on SSID BUGFIX – PAX1800: correct

New firmware 3.5.19

Version 3.5.19 – Released January 19, 2022 Access Points: BUGFIX – PAX1800: ensure DHCP server does not crash on SSIDs in routing mode Click here for

Cloud & UI Update

Cloud: FEATURE: aggregation of notification emails FEATURE: SafeDNS service & provisioning integration FEATURE: replace static stable/beta release tags with dynamic firmware release labels FEATURE: allow

How much better is WiFi 6 really?

In many aspects modern life has become inseparable from the Internet. Our every day actions are intertwined with and depended on this seemingly omnipresent force