Cloud & UI Update

Cloud: FEATURE: add support for advertising and purchasing of DNS services in the marketplace FEATURE: add support for configuring DNS services per SSID FEATURE: add

New firmware 3.5.12

Version 3.5.12 – Released July 18, 2021 Access Points: BUGFIX: ensure mesh can use HT40- on 5GHz band Switches: BUGFIX: validate MAC address reported by LLDP

New firmware 3.5.10

Version 3.5.10 – Released June 18, 2021 General: FEATURE: enhance LLDP data collection for better Layer2/Connected-devices reporting Access Points: BUGFIX: avoid system crash under specific

New firmware 3.5.9

Version 3.5.9 – Released May 25, 2021  General: FEATURE: use HTTP compression during cloud checkin to save bandwidth Access Points: FEATURE: add support for 802.11r/k/v