Firmware Accesspoints / Switches

Firmware 4.0.x

4.0.13 – Released January 22, 2024

  • Access Points:
    • FEATURE: captive portal: report wired/wireless client type via RADIUS NAS-Port-Type attribute
    • FEATURE: captive portal: report SSID ID or Ethernet port index via RADIUS NAS-Port attribute
    • FEATURE: captive portal: report logout reason via RADIUS Acct-Terminate-Cause
    • BUGFIX: race condition during post-flash checksum verification

4.0.12 – Released December 12, 2023

  • Switches:
    • FEATURE: enable DHCP server search until VLAN init has been completed
    • FEATURE: save port VLAN configuration across firmware upgrade
    • FEATURE: per port isolation setting

4.0.11 – Released November 20, 2023

  • Access Points:
    • FEATURE: syslog HTTP SYN policy setting
    • FEATURE: captive portal: report username via client splashpage status
    • FEATURE: captive portal: obtain username during pre_auth response (if available)
    • BUGFIX: captive portal: memory leak due to RADIUS async operations

4.0.10 – Released October 16, 2023

  • Access Points:
    • FEATURE: auto-recovery mode enable/disable config setting
    • FEATURE: PAX5400: report upper & lower occupied frequency on 6GHz band
    • BUGFIX: race condition with client throttling when more than one SSID bridged into VLAN
    • BUGFIX: PAX5400: 6GHz channel 1 -33 not functioning in FCC domain
    • BUGFIX: PA300/PA300E: WiFi may enter “deaf” mode after days of operation

4.0.9 – Released August 22, 2023

  • Access Points:
    • FEATURE: report WiFi client connected time
    • FEATURE: report WiFi channel utilization (idle, busy, rx & tx)
    • FEATURE: SSH ED25519 key authentication
    • FEATURE: captive portal: monitor neigh cache to update internal IP address
    • BUGFIX: captive portal: only resume pending RADIUS connections on shutdown

4.0.8 – Released July 28, 2023

  • Access Points:
    • FEATURE: captive portal: async RADIUS backend operations
    • FEATURE: captive portal: trigger pre-auth call on wired MAC address detection
    • FEATURE: captive portal: maintain keep alive status of wired clients via neigh cache
    • FEATURE: captive portal: make RADIUS session id more unique by including device MAC and SSID identifier
    • FEATURE: captive portal: apply per-client throttling limits to wired clients
    • FEATURE: PAX5400: enable 2.4GHz & 5GHz beacon co-location support
    • FEATURE: PAX5400: enable hunting-and-pecking loop and hash-to-element SAE PWE derivation on 6GHz
    • BUGFIX:  force WiFi scan channel dwelling time to 100ms
    • BUGFIX: PA2200: unencrypted mesh reduces WiFi mesh to 11bg performance
    • BUGFIX: PA1200: WiFi firmware crash due to nonLinearTxFir setting

4.0.7 – Released June 16, 2023

  • Access Points:
    • BUGFIX:  DHCP request over mesh during boot phase not triggered
    • BUGFIX: unencrypted mesh reduces WiFi mesh to 11bg performance
    • BUGFIX: PAX5400: 6GHz demands OWE encryption on ‘open’ SSIDs

4.0.6 – Released June 1, 2023

  • Access Points:
    • BUGFIX: unable to stream live data via SSL/TLS
    • BUGFIX: disable SSH client ED25519 support
    • BUGFIX: captive portal: only block IPv6 forwarding on splashpage interfaces
    • BUGFIX: PAX5400: channel selection with HT40+ channel with on 6GHz
    • BUGFIX: PAX5400: hardware watchdog triggering reboot

4.0.5 – Released May 8, 2023

  • Access Points:
    • BUGFIX: race condition during mesh and SSID initialization on same band
    • BUGFIX: 40MHz/80MHz/160MHz channel width setting with mesh and SSID on same band
    • BUGFIX: PAX5400: LLDP announcement contain incorrect Ethernet port status

4.0.4 – Released March 16, 2023

  • Access Points:
    • FEATURE: WiFi 6 & WiFi 6E Mesh
    • FEATURE: 160MHz channel width support
    • FEATURE: WPA3 encryption (WPA2/WPA3 compatibility mode)
    • FEATURE: PAX5400 platform support
    • FEATURE: WiFi 6E band, client capability & usage reporting
    • FEATURE: WiFi scan reports occupied frequencies
Firmware 3.6.x

3.6.14 – Released November 14, 2023

  • Access Points:
    • BUGFIX: race condition with client throttling when more than one SSID bridged into VLAN
    • BUGFIX: captive portal: only resume pending HTTP connections on shutdown
    • BUGFIX: PA300/PA300E: WiFi may enter “deaf” mode after days of operation

3.6.13 – Released June 26, 2023

  • Access Points:
    • BUGFIX – PAX1800: increase parallel connections limit to 16k

3.6.12 – Released June 5, 2023

  • Access Points:
    • BUGFIX: do not block major firmware version upgrade
  • Switches:
    • BUGFIX: correctly disable previously enabled link aggregation groups
    • BUGFIX: monitor & recover mgmt VLAN assignment

3.6.11 – Released April 12, 2023

  • Access Points:
    • BUGFIX: fix captive portal crash on session timeout with HTTP backend
    • BUGFIX: fix captive portal crash when client MAC address can not be resolved
    • BUGFIX: fix captive portal crash when RADIUS response provide session length but no update interval

3.6.9 – Released March 7, 2023

  • Access Points:
    • BUGFIX: boot race condition may prevent installation of outbound traffic NAT rule
    • BUGFIX – PAX1800: enable / disable of SSID with VLAN bridge freezes inbound traffic​

3.6.8 – Released February 28, 2023

  • Access Points:
    • FEATURE: captive portal: allow wildcard domains in walled garden
  • Switches:
    • FEATURE: report uplink status on all active member ports in link aggregation group
    • BUGFIX: fix mgmt VLAN assignments on active member ports in link aggregation group

3.6.7 – Released February 16, 2023

  • Access Points:
    • FEATURE: captive portal: proactive session data retrieval from network cache on WiFi connect
    • FEATURE: captive portal: ‘preauthentication’ (MAC address authentication) enable/disable via service configuration option
    • FEATURE: captive portal: HTTPs redirect enable/disable via service configuration option
    • BUGFIX: captive portal: fix backend authentication failure if username known via network cache
    • BUGFIX: captive portal: do not terminate running client sessions on SSID shutdown

3.6.6 – Released November 25, 2022

  • Access Points:
    • BUGFIX: race condition receiving on WiFi client connection causing crash & reboot
    • BUGFIX: handle non-standard WiFi beacons during WiFi scan announcing HT40- on edge channels

3.6.5 – Released August 30, 2022

  • Access Points:
    • BUGFIX: captive portal related retrieval of splashpage session data obstructed due to race condition
    • BUGFIX: ensure DHCP server does not crash on SSIDs in routing mode
    • BUGFIX: race condition preventing change of the uplink route from recovery WiFi to mesh

3.6.4 – Released August 15, 2022

  • Access Points:
    • BUGFIX: prevent overwriting of captive portal SSID identifier when pushing session data to cache
    • BUGFIX: reload throttle daemon after change of uplink interface
    • BUGFIX: prevent throttle daemon crash triggered by departing WiFi client while waiting for cache response

3.6.3 – Released August 1, 2022

  • Access Points:
    • FEATURE: multi-band client isolation
    • BUGFIX: prevent accidental captive portal shutdown on config update

3.6.2 – Released July 25, 2022

  • Switches:
    • FEATURE: LLDP-MED voice network policy announcements
    • FEATURE: port mirroring mode
    • FEATURE: link aggregation group with LACP 

3.6.1 – Released May 10, 2022

  • Access Points:
    • BUGFIX – PAX1800: WiFi device roaming on SSIDs with VLAN configured causes 2-3min DHCP response timeout

3.6.0 – Released March 29, 2022

  • General:
    • FEATURE: ignore check-in server certificate expiration date to ensure cloud devices can always communicate with the cloud
  • Access Points:
    • FEATURE: local network cache synchronizes data exchanged over the LAN/mesh
    • FEATURE: captive portal: integration with local network cache to push/fetch/update/log out splashpage session data
    • FEATURE: captive portal: auto-authenticate clients if network cache session data permits 
    • FEATURE: captive portal: fetch of originally requested web page for mobile client to detect unfiltered Internet access
    • FEATURE: captive portal: RADIUS/HTTP provided client throttling values override SSID throttling configuration
    • FEATURE: captive portal: run all external operations (network cache data retrieval, HTTP backend authentication, fetching originally requested web page) asynchronously
    • FEATURE: captive portal: send client MAC address in PW_USER_NAME RADIUS username field if username is not available
    • FEATURE: captive portal: send client IP address via Framed-IP-Address field
  • Switches:
    • FEATURE: per-port upload & download throughput throttling
Firmware 3.5.x
Firmware 3.5.0

3.5.0 – Released October 21, 2020

  • FEATURE: 802.11r/k/v WiFi protocol extensions
  • FEATURE: per-SSID DNS overrides
  • FEATURE: prevent automatic bridging into LAN until default route is available
  • FEATURE: Access Points: L2DP neighbor discovery & reporting
  • FEATURE: Access Points: number of connected clients per SSID & radio reporting
  • FEATURE: Access Points: last connected SSID of WiFi client reporting
  • FEATURE: Access Points: throttle wired client when bridged with throttled SSID
  • FEATURE: Switches: report port STP status
  • FEATURE: Switches: L2DP capability reporting
  • FEATURE: DNS server runtime reload to avoid hard start & stop on config change
  • BUGFIX: PS24-L/PS24/PS48: check if port supports PoE before changing PoE state to suppress PoE warning
Firmware 3.4.x

Version 3.4.21 – Released April 26, 2021

  • Access Points
    • BUGFIX: remote captive portal – properly store and process ‘failover’ policy setting
  • Switches
    • BUGFIX: PS24 – if required, properly initialize ubifs partition to avoid pairing requests after every reboot
    • BUGFIX: PS24/PS48 – reduce false negatives on post-upgrade firmware check

Version 3.4.20 – Released March 25, 2021

  • Access Points
    • BUGFIX: remote captive portal – encrypt password using the right HTTP auth key
    • BUGFIX: remote captive portal – drop trailing random bytes when parsing encrypted password sent by UAM server

  • Switches
    • BUGFIX: allow remote debug tunnel to properly connect to debug server with RSA key

3.4.19 – Released March 3, 2021

  • Access Points
    • BUGFIX: prevent unsolicited deactivation of splashpage / blockpage
    • BUGFIX: properly re-enable mesh after having gone through “Mesh Recovery” mode

3.4.18 – Released February 2, 2021

  • BUGFIX: properly reset mesh status after installing new encryption key
  • BUGFIX: correct Switch uplink port reporting after uplink port changed
  • BUGFIX: fix reset of existing VLAN settings before applying updated settings

3.4.17 – Released December 28, 2020

  • BUGFIX: include latest SSL root certificate for cloud peer verification
  • BUGFIX: prevent disruption of ongoing firmware upgrade with second upgrade instruction

3.4.16 – Released December 14, 2020

  • BUGFIX: prevent boot race condition leaving a device without cloud checkin
  • BUGFIX: ensure using cable uplink after regaining wired Internet access
  • BUGFIX: increase websocket message buffer size to avoid chunking
  • BUGFIX: handle unencrypted mesh networks during mesh recovery
  • BUGFIX: PS8-L/PS24-L/PS24/PS48: prevent boot race condition leaving switch without default route

3.4.15 – Released October 21, 2020

  • BUGFIX: captive portal: RADIUS interim session updates shall report cumulative traffic statistics
  • BUGFIX: PA2200/A60/A62: correctly enable mesh encryption on second 5GHz radio
  • BUGFIX: PA1200/PA2200/A62/A42: resolve mesh auto-recovery WiFi driver incompatibility
  • BUGFIX: PS8-L/PS24-L/OMS8-L: graceful handling of PoE error with internal chip reset
  • BUGFIX: PS8-L/PS24-L/PS24/PS48/OMS8-L: VLAN needs to be created before ports can be assigned
  • BUGFIX: PS8-L/PS24-L/PS24/PS48/OMS8-L: boot time VLAN creation order & port assignment

3.4.14 – Released October 8, 2020

  • BUGFIX: A42/A62/PA1200/PA2200: firmware upgrade sanity checks to prevent flashing mismatching image
  • BUGFIX: PA1200/PA2200: performance penalty when clients are throttled in routing mode
  • BUGFIX: handle setups with more than one SSID throttling clients
  • BUGFIX: allow SSIDx to enable/disable throttling independently from SSIDy
  • BUGFIX: randomly failing uplink route & gateway IP retrieval

3.4.13 – Released September 16, 2020

  • BUGFIX: captive portal: initialize per-SSID client inactivity timeout with client force timeout
  • BUGFIX: PS8-L/PS24-L/PS24/PS48: resolve memory leak upon retrieving layer 2 data
  • BUGFIX: PA300: auto-detect WiFi chip stuck state and reset chip


  • FEATURE: use checkin server time to set system time
  • FEATURE: cloud detected keep alive interval to maintain open permanent connection
  • FEATURE: fallback device upgrade method via static device configuration
  • FEATURE: captive portal: export remaining client session length via IPC query
  • BUGFIX: WiFi client throttling not working when splash page is enabled
  • BUGFIX: PS8-L/PS24-L/PS24/PS48: replace internal NTP client with standard NTP client


  • FEATURE: VLAN id 4094 the default management VLAN
  • FEATURE: block all untagged traffic on ports with no ‘default VLAN’ assigned
  • BUGFIX: unstable mesh after radar triggered channel switch on DFS frequency
  • BUGFIX: mesh preventing to enable HT40+ on channels 7-9 leading to disabled 2.4GHz band
  • BUGFIX: disable mesh ARP optimization causing LAN broadcast storm
  • BUGFIX: randomly missing gateway & LAN IP addresses
  • BUGFIX: clear all port settings (link disabled, PoE disabled, VLAN assignment) on Switch reset
  • BUGFIX: format error when reporting accounting data via HTTP backend
  • BUGFIX: PS8-L/PS24-L: fix random reboot after several hours of uptime
  • BUGFIX: PA300: auto-detect WiFi chip stuck state and reset chip


  • BUGFIX: prevent random WiFi stack crash in busy mesh networks
  • BUGFIX: accelerate mesh recovery after temporary mesh gateway outage
  • BUGFIX: disable Ethernet IPv6 TCP segmentation offload to prevent random connection stalls
  • BUGFIX: ensure Switch cloud connection can be established over non-standard MTU uplink connections
  • BUGFIX: disable mesh loop detection packet to avoid spamming Switch forwarding tables


  • FEATURE: report layer 2 neighbors detected via LLDP
  • FEATURE: Switch STP protocol setting
  • FEATURE: increase download timeouts to accommodate larger Switch firmware images
  • BUGFIX: speed up authentication while connecting to encrypted mesh network
  • BUGFIX: force fresh device config download after mesh recovery
  • BUGFIX: prevent race condition causing Switch settings not to be applied on boot


  • BUGFIX: fix SFP/SFP+ status reporting on PS24-L/PS24/PS48
  • BUGFIX: retain mesh encryption keys across upgrades for fast mesh re-join


  • FEATURE: PS24 platform support
  • FEATURE: PS48 platform support
  • FEATURE: mesh encryption support
  • FEATURE: report Switch traffic statistics and MAC address table per port
  • FEATURE: allow updating local Switch web UI password
  • FEATURE: power cycle device connected to port via instant ‘port reset’ action
  • FEATURE: Switch fine-grained config change handling for minimal disruption


  • FEATURE: update local web UI with Plasma Cloud branding on PS8-L/PS24-L


  • BUGFIX: firmware version reporting regression introduced with 3.4.2
  • BUGFIX: dynamically adjust firewall rules based on blockpage / splash page enabled or disabled
  • BUGFIX: prevent captive portal crash after switching between splash page modes


  • FEATURE: PS8-L platform support
  • FEATURE: PS24-L platform support
  • BUGFIX: enable DNS redirect for blocked users even when splash page is disabled


  • FEATURE: pass session id & session time via RADIUS accounting updates
  • BUGFIX: initiate RADIUS accounting session by sending accounting start flag
  • BUGFIX: start blockpage captive portal even without configured local or remote splash page
  • BUGFIX: set client state to preauthenticated when unblocking connected client


  • FEATURE: block client mac address and display customized block message
  • FEATURE: allow client spashpage bypass on local and/or remote splash pages
  • FEATURE: captive portal full configuration ‘reload’ at runtime without dropping WiFi clients & authentication status
  • FEATURE: LED behavior modes: active, alert (indicate failure state only) and inactive (no led indication)
  • FEATURE: standardize LED status indication across different models
  • FEATURE: report mesh status via device status on checkin
Firmware 3.3.x


  • BUGFIX: resolve automatic mesh device recovery issues in conjunction with encrypted mesh networks
  • BUGFIX: disable captive portal HTTPS support to save disk space



  • BUGFIX: in case of connection timeout retry downloading firmware image up to 3 times



  • BUGFIX: resolve startup race condition when initializing 5GHz WiFi operating on DFS channel
  • BUGFIX: disable captive portal firewall redirect on enabled SSID with disabled captive portal


  • BUGFIX: prevent high CPU load triggered by WiFi scan stuck in busy loop
  • BUGFIX: catch WiFi scan EBUSY kernel error when DFS regulation forbids scan
  • BUGFIX: enable DFS WiFi scan in ETSI countries after successful CAC
  • BUGFIX: close websocket connection upon UI triggered connection timeout
  • BUGFIX: increase allowed burst of throttled WiFi clients to allow TCP to hit max throughput quickly



  • FEATURE: throttle full configuration ‘reload’ at runtime without dropping WiFi client information
  • FEATURE: report WiFi client DHCP hostname
  • FEATURE: report DHCP fingerprint
  • BUGFIX: prevent accidentally switching into mesh mode when device is wired
  • BUGFIX: adapt PA300/PA300E LED behavior to match PA1200
  • BUGFIX: properly encrypt password when authenticating with HTTP backend
  • BUGFIX: sent accounting updates to RADIUS/HTTP backend for authenticated WiFi clients only



  • FEATURE: remote splash page with RADIUS authentication backend
  • FEATURE: remote splash page with OpenMesh HTTP authentication backend
  • FEATURE: capture HTTPS connection attempts with self-signed certificate
  • FEATURE: optional remote server failover with limited session duration
  • FEATURE: WiFi client traffic throughput management (throttling)
  • FEATURE: real time WiFi scan streaming
Firmware 3.2.x


  • BUGFIX: prevent mesh recovery from never exiting when no WiFi network is detected
  • BUGFIX: enable WPA Enterprise accounting when building hostapd



  • BUGFIX: correct apply country code on dual & tri band devices
  • BUGFIX: disable mesh only if all radios have mesh disabled



  • BUGFIX: move 5GHz interfaces into correct bridge interface
  • BUGFIX: restart syslog service with remote syslog configuration restart



  • FEATURE: shutdown SSH process when neither password not SSH key is configured
  • FEATURE: handle cloud configured WiFi country code
  • FEATURE: all probe request collection in passive mode (no SSID assigned)
  • BUGFIX: missing walled garden dependency added
  • BUGFIX: grab primary mac address from ART partition on MR1750



  • FEATURE: advanced mesh recovery mode
  • FEATURE: forward traffic of unassigned SSIDs when running as mesh gateway
  • FEATURE: support for wired clients added to captive portal
  • FEATURE: reduce configuration write overhead by committing all changes only once
  • FEATURE: disable layer2 packet snooping when not needed to improve throughput in bridge mode
  • FEATURE: report flag to signal ‘first checkin after mesh-detect’
  • BUGFIX: captive portal: splash page not showing up after reconfiguration



  • FEATURE: Cloudtrax migration for US/Canada via SOCKS tunnel
  • FEATURE: mesh LAN port integration (routing, bridging & SSID)
  • FEATURE: report gateway path metric in mesh mode
  • FEATURE: save channel and ht-mode across firmware upgrades to reduce mesh bring up time
  • BUGFIX: disable available but deactivated SSIDs for increased performance
  • BUGFIX: enable/disable mesh at runtime



  • BUGFIX: prevent entering fallback checkin mode after each checkin
  • BUGFIX: apply last working fallback host during firmware upgrade



  • BUGFIX: mesh start event canceled by mesh-detect timer prolonging mesh bring up phase
  • BUGFIX: force configuration download after finding running mesh-detect & connecting to new mesh
  • BUGFIX: force mesh tear-down upon batman-adv gw lost event to avoid configuration fragments



  • FEATURE: firmware layer 2 WiFi mesh framework integration
  • FEATURE: WiFi mesh 802.11n & 802.11ac interoperability
  • FEATURE: B.A.T.M.A.N. V throughput based metric
  • FEATURE: support enable/disable WiFi mesh
  • FEATURE: WiFi mesh roaming
  • FEATURE: delay mesh bring up at boot time for 30s to give precedence to wired uplink
  • FEATURE: detect wired uplink connection loss and switch to mesh fallback connection (if available)
  • FEATURE: detect wired uplink recover and switch to wired gateway mode
  • FEATURE: trigger mesh-detect scanning through all WiFi channels for suitable mesh networks to connect to when device is left without uplink connection
  • FEATURE: report mesh topology with neighbor link metrics, gateway route and WiFi stats
  • FEATURE: update QCA 802.11ac WiFi firmware to version 4-3.5.3-00057
  • FEATURE: report WiFi neighborhood scan result
Firmware 3.1.x


  • BUGFIX: grab primary mac address from ART partition on OM2P series
  • BUGFIX: allow underscore in splash page asset name
  • BUGFIX: allow walled garden domains containing underscore
  • BUGFIX: increase download timeout for firmware images to 5 minutes
  • BUGFIX: increase download timeout for splash page assets to 1 minute
  • BUGFIX: disable SSID VLAN tag on disabled SSID



  • FEATURE: allow configuration of 2.4GHz channel 12 & 13
  • BUGFIX: move default config init inside lock to guarantee mutex access
  • BUGFIX: disable all running SSIDs when cloud config does not send ‘ssids’ array
  • BUGFIX: disable dual- & tri-band radios properly when disabling deactivated SSIDs
  • BUGFIX: prevent crash when receiving HTTP 200 combined with empty HTTP body from cloud
  • BUGFIX: fix misspelled reported status fields
  • BUGFIX: OM2P-HS reports Ethernet ports inverted
  • BUGFIX: reset cached traffic counters when WiFi is re-initialized
  • BUGFIX: add curl resolve option for fallback checkins
  • BUGFIX: compress ephemeral fields by omitting JSON whitespace & tabs



  • FEATURE: update asset filename regular expression to allow hyphen in file name
  • FEATURE: report number of connected devices per Ethernet port
  • FEATURE: ar71xx: retrieve secondary Ethernet port status (up/down) via netlink from internal switch chip
  • FEATURE: ar71xx: retrieve secondary Ethernet port link speed via netlink from internal switch chip
  • BUGFIX: report Ethernet port link speed only if interface is connected



  • FEATURE: per-SSID LAN access block
  • FEATURE: update asset filename regular expression to allow underscore in file name
  • BUGFIX: resolve erroneous LED color assignment on PA300 & PA1200
  • BUGFIX: generate nonce from urandom to allow early boot cloud connection on hardware platforms without random number generator
  • BUGFIX: address interface ht-mode status VHT160 misreported as VHT40
  • BUGFIX: swap reported Ethernet port order on PA2200 to match label printing

Cloud & UI

February 2024


  • FEATURE: Console library upgrade (bootstrap 5.0, latest CSS standards, etc)
  • FEATURE: per Access Point wired client configuration override
  • FEATURE: enable / disable individual Access Point radio
  • FEATURE: highlight disabled radio in ‘channels’ column
  • FEATURE: organisation firmware settings
  • FEATURE: network settings: follow organisation firmware configuration
  • FEATURE: syslog service support
  • FEATURE: display ambient noise on RF Topology
  • FEATURE: provide invoice for marketplace purchases via notification email
  • FEATURE: show newest organisation change log entries first by default
  • FEATURE: mobile friendly account settings 
  • FEATURE: manage permission action opens “assets shared with me” on shared networks and organisations
  • FEATURE: reboot device confirmation popup
  • BUGFIX: historic traffic chart data load race condition leaving chart empty
  • BUGFIX: require delete permissions on shared networks / organisations for delete device action
  • BUGFIX: reboot action unavailable for offline devices
  • BUGFIX: clone schedule fails due to API error
  • BUGFIX: highlight active SSID in main menu
  • BUGFIX: highlight active splash page in main menu
  • BUGFIX: hide share action on shared networks / organisations
  • BUGFIX: harmonize device link colors across Console
  • BUGFIX: harmonize closing icon size & color across Console
  • BUGFIX: Layer 2 WiFi client count not working with firmware 4.0
  • BUGFIX: hide Access Point mesh setting when mesh is not support (PAX1800v1)
Oktober 2023


  • FEATURE: device Radio Frequency popup redesign with tabs per band
  • FEATURE: device Radio Frequency popup radio status
  • FEATURE: Radio Frequency WiFi 6E (6GHz) support
  • FEATURE: Radio Frequency mobile view
  • FEATURE: manage auto-recovery setting via advanced network settings
  • BUGFIX: display “clear client policy” option only with organisation or network delete permissions
  • BUGFIX: display “add AP/Switch” option only with organisation or network modify permissions
  • BUGFIX: device add fails when MAC address already is in use
  • BUGFIX: unintended “unsaved settings” warning
  • BUGFIX: networks with notify permission only should not appear in the shared network list
August 2023
May 2023
Februari 2023


  • FEATURE: oauth infrastructure upgrade
  • FEATURE: network & organisation notification permissions
  • FEATURE: marketplace remote splashpage ‘pre-login’ authentication policy
  • FEATURE: marketplace remote splashpage ‘redirect https traffic’ authentication policy
  • FEATURE: marketplace captive portal pre-authentication policy setting
  • FEATURE: enlarge pool of supported network timezones
  • BUGFIX: correctly save client settings update


  • FEATURE: redesign my assets permission management
  • FEATURE: my assets overview statistics
  • FEATURE: provide list of sharees granting permission
  • FEATURE: redesign “assets shared with me” permission management
  • FEATURE: assets shared with me overview statistics
  • FEATURE: notification permission toggle
  • FEATURE: port mirroring column in Switch ports table
  • FEATURE: offer list of existing networks to choose from on network clone
  • FEATURE: offer list of existing networks to choose from on SSID clone
  • FEATURE: unify closing icon across all popups
  • BUGFIX: link aggregation may cause AP port status to break
  • BUGFIX: increase live WiFi scan max timeout on 3 radio APs
  • BUGFIX: Google Maps API compatibility
August 2022


  • FEATURE: Switch: voice priority announcement via LLDP-MED
  • FEATURE: Switch: link aggregation via LCAP
  • FEATURE: Switch: port mirroring


  • FEATURE: marketplace: redesign “quantity” tab with monthly break down of cost
  • FEATURE: marketplace: redesign “summary” tab with billing cycle & discounts
  • FEATURE: marketplace: new buy-plan-modal design for service with “base rate” charge
  • FEATURE: marketplace: accept service terms & conditions before subscription purchase
  • FEATURE: Switch port settings: mirroring
  • FEATURE: advanced network settings with SSH/STP/WebUI
  • FEATURE: advanced network settings: Switch voice prioritization
  • FEATURE: highlight soon-to-be expired subscriptions 
  • FEATURE: mark active SSID schedule via scheduling icon in menus and dropdowns
  • FEATURE: provide list of networks to clone SSID from on SSID creation
  • FEATURE: add Switch legend on Switch VLAN tab 
  • FEATURE: new PoE scheduling port icon on PoE scheduling tab
  • FEATURE: version 3.6 default firmware version for new networks
  • FEATURE: display MAC address of third party device connected device popup
  • BUGFIX: replace “no splashpages” with “not available” in splashpage menu on shared networks
  • BUGFIX: disallow modifying schedule on organisation with view-only permissions
  • BUGFIX: clone network with active VLANs
  • BUGFIX: Cloudtrax import into empty organisation fails due to missing maintenance schedules
  • BUGFIX: non-existent splashpages displayed after new organisation created
  • BUGFIX: Switch port settings VLAN should not be “default” and “allowed” VLAN at the same time
  • BUGFIX: Switch throttling column redesigned
  • BUGFIX: AP IP address column indicates mesh recovery IP address
  • BUGFIX: network clone fails due to SSH settings
April 2022


  • FEATURE: MyWiFi provisioning API integration
  • FEATURE: provide Layer 2 topology data from last device checkins
  • FEATURE: store & retrieval of Switch port throttling
  • FEATURE: store & retrieval of Switch port description
  • FEATURE: provide API meta data when exporting shared networks & splashpages
  • FEATURE: provide API meta data when exporting shared networks & schedules
  • FEATURE: enable / disable email notifications setting
  • FEATURE: notify user about subscription renewal failure via email
  • FEATURE: notify user about subscription expiry via email


  • FEATURE: port description text field on Switch port settings page
  • FEATURE: port throttling settings on Switch port settings page
  • FEATURE: port settings also reachable via VLAN & PoE schedule table
  • FEATURE: VLAN settings on Switch port settings page
  • FEATURE: copy SSID settings from existing SSID on SSID create
  • FEATURE: pre-select possible splashpages on shared networks using API meta data
  • FEATURE: pre-select possible schedules on shared networks using API meta data
  • FEATURE: organisation / network / SSID settings history polish
  • FEATURE: last / first AP and Switch button
  • FEATURE: add Save button at the bottom of switch port settings page
  • BUGIFX: Layer 2 topology: some Switches are displayed with “router” icon
  • BUGFIX: bogus websocket ‘auth_host_returned_404’ error message
January 2022


  • FEATURE: aggregation of notification emails
  • FEATURE: SafeDNS service & provisioning integration
  • FEATURE: replace static stable/beta release tags with dynamic firmware release labels
  • FEATURE: allow for multiple release labels to exist side-by-side
  • BUGFIX: search both new and old customer table when handling payment callbacks


  • FEATURE: email aggregation account settings
  • FEATURE: fix header at the top of the page when scrolling down long table
  • FEATURE: add Save button at the bottom of switch port settings page
  • FEATURE: automatically reconnect WebSocket after no reply from server for 30s
  • FEATURE: name firmware releases with their version instead of stable/beta
  • FEATURE: indicate “payment in progress” to visualize delay between payment and activation
  • BUGFIX: add connected device icons in switch port table when looking at the VLAN tab
  • BUGFIX: make schedule name modifiable when browsing “Shared networks”
  • BUGFIX: adjust SFP ports order on PS48 front image
  • BUGFIX: avoid crash upon subscription update error
  • BUGFIX: WPA enterprise – properly show accounting secret
November 2021


  • FEATURE: make v3.5 the firmware release for newly created/imported networks
  • FEATURE: allow users to run the “WiFi AI” immediately instead of waiting for the maint window
  • FEATURE: highlight that reported data is outdated, if device hasn’t checked in for a while
  • FEATURE: add icon in connected devices column
  • FEATURE: allow users to create QRCode for quick SSID connection
  • BUGFIX: reduce number of API calls when navigating clients table
  • BUGFIX: in connected devices column, avoid showing the same MAC more than once
  • BUGFIX: show DNS section only if network is on firmware v3.5
August 2021
April 2021


  • FEATURE: allow searching a device also across shared networks
  • FEATURE: add support for WiFi Scheduling (requires firmware v3.5+)
  • FEATURE: add support for PoE Scheduling (requires firmware v3.5+)
  • FEATURE: export vendor name of connected 3rd party devices (looked up by MAC address)
  • FEATURE: extend settings history with name of user that made the change
  • BUGFIX: standardize network timezone selection list to prevent DST miscalculation in schedules
  • BUGFIX: allow retrieving change history of schedules and splashpages of organizations shared with write permission
  • BUGFIX: speed up schedule list retrieval


  • FEATURE: when searching for a device, search also across shared networks
  • FEATURE: add support for WiFi Scheduling in SSID settings (requires Beta firmware)
  • FEATURE: add support for PoE Scheduling in switch settings (requires Beta firmware)
  • FEATURE: report vendor name for connected 3rd party devices
  • FEATURE: display MAC address of connected 3rd party devices when not running LLDP or name is not provided
  • FEATURE: report in device settings history when a device was moved from a network to another
  • FEATURE: introduce new connected 3rd party device icon for LLDP type “Station”
  • BUGFIX: hide settings history button for schedules of organisation shared with no write permission
  • BUGFIX: mobile – do not show switch port popup upon click
  • BUGFIX: CloudTrax import – let user know when imported network had an invalid timezone
  • BUGFIX: minor layout and style adjustments for desktop and mobile view
February 2021


  • FEATURE: replace ht-mode API with channel width in network and Access Point settings
  • FEATURE: convert network and Access Point setting history from ht-mode to channel width
  • FEATURE: restrict available channel width on chosen channel & country code
  • FEATURE: schedule API to add/modify/delete organisation schedules
  • FEATURE: convert network maintenance schedule to reference organisation schedule
  • FEATURE: allow marketplace payment via pre-configured payment method
  • FEATURE: support for 11ax radio reporting
  • FEATURE: support for 11ax WiFi client reporting


  • FEATURE: payment methods administration interface
  • FEATURE: per-Switch connected devices visualization
  • FEATURE: schedule management panel with schedule history
  • FEATURE: Dutch & French language support
  • FEATURE: new column ‘description’ in Switch list
  • FEATURE: new column ‘description’ in Access Point list
  • FEATURE: new column ‘connected clients’ in Access Point list
  • FEATURE: new column ‘WiFi mode’ in Access Point list
  • FEATURE: Access point channel column depicting channel & channel width
  • FEATURE: new column ‘Last SSID’ in Client list
  • FEATURE: display name of to-be-power-cycled device (if available) on PoE Switch port power cycle port
  • FEATURE: search device by scanning QR code
  • FEATURE: port setting sent to Switch is highlighted after saving settings
  • BUGFIX: keep sorting order of Access Point / Switch / Client table when hitting refresh
  • BUGFIX: rename SSID “Radio X” settings to 2.4GHz/5Ghz band
  • BUGFIX: port of connected device not always shown in Switch port table
  • BUGFIX: Layer 2 Topology popups do not scroll together with the Layer 2 chart
  • BUGFIX: Layer 2 Topology device list is not reloaded when switching network / organisation
  • BUGFIX: Access Point port status legend should not list ‘blue uplink’
October 2020


  • FEATURE: API to store & manage payment methods
  • FEATURE: Layer 2: STP status per Switch port
  • FEATURE: support for 11ax WiFi clients
  • FEATURE: support for 11ax mesh links
  • FEATURE: optional ‘stay signed in’ login method
  • FEATURE: default email notification offline waiting time: 30 minutes
  • BUGFIX: auto-disable recovery mesh on devices that re-gained wired uplink connectivity
  • BUGFIX: prevent endless online-office cycle with auto-enable recovery mesh
  • BUGFIX: sanity check for HT40+/HT40- user configuration to prevent invalid WiFi setting
  • BUGFIX: resolve false offline status spike on last data point of outages chart


  • FEATURE: switch UI to view-only mode upon opening network with limited access permissions
  • FEATURE: Layer 2: detect third party devices & their capabilities
  • FEATURE: Layer 2: mark link blocked STP as such
  • FEATURE: Layer 2: link popup with port overview
  • FEATURE: Layer 2: consider Access Points with VLAN enabled SSIDs when highlighting selected VLAN
  • FEATURE: Layer 2: display number of connected WiFi clients
  • FEATURE: list auto-detected connected devices in Switch details table
  • FEATURE: display auto-detected connected devices on Switch port popup
  • FEATURE: allow moving network to another organisation
  • FEATURE: Switch port status legend
  • FEATURE: Access Point port status legend
  • FEATURE: display VLAN ID along VLAN name in various VLAN selectors
  • FEATURE: CloudTrax import: fix broken splash HTML code upon import
  • FEATURE: report client RSSI value in related column
  • BUGFIX: display device specific warnings only when device is online
  • BUGFIX: offer ‘reboot’ option only when device is online
  • BUGFIX: keep current Switch port settings open upon refresh action
  • BUGFIX: sort navbar SSID list in alphabetical order
  • BUGFIX: sort navbar splash page list in alphabetical order
  • BUGFIX: client table WiFi capabilities column sort-able by theoretical throughput
August 2020


  • FEATURE: device online/offline email notification for network owner & users with shared access
  • FEATURE: configurable device offline threshold per network
  • FEATURE: remote device tunneling for debugging purposes
  • FEATURE: fallback device upgrade mechanism in case of unavailable permanent device connection
  • FEATURE: Layer 2 connection / wiring information via instant streaming
  • FEATURE: API: last known SSID WiFi client was connected to
  • BUGFIX: permanent connection: ensure device command was successfully transmitted even across multiple retries
  • BUGFIX: organisation owner retains ownership of newly created networks by users with shared access
  • BUGFIX: update device check-in host to use plasma-cloud domain


  • FEATURE: email notification settings
  • FEATURE: layer 2 network topology visualization
  • FEATURE: access point list: mesh status info column
  • FEATURE: access point/switch list: hide “Reboot” action button if device is offline
  • FEATURE: client list: signal strength visualization
  • FEATURE: client list: WiFi capabilities visualization
  • FEATURE: client list: channel width moved into separate column
  • FEATURE: client list: “clear policy” action menu
  • FEATURE: overview: device popup design overhaul
  • FEATURE: add quick link from overview popup to AP settings and back
  • FEATURE: add quick link from radio frequency popup to AP settings and back
  • FEATURE: splash page source code editor code highlighting
  • FEATURE: auto-delete all splash pages when deleting an organisation
  • FEATURE: maintenance window configuration simplification
  • FEATURE: network settings: support multiple SSH keys
  • FEATURE: network settings: enable WiFi AI by default on new networks
  • FEATURE: network settings: set maintenance window everyday 3AM-5AM by default on new networks
  • FEATURE: switch port settings: click & drag to assign VLAN tags to port group
  • FEATURE: “help” menu entry leads to support article overview
  • BUGFIX: switch port settings: suppress second success confirmation
  • BUGFIX: switch port settings: clear local settings cache upon network change
  • BUGFIX: switch port settings: sticky ‘unsaved settings’ warnings
  • BUGFIX: switch port settings: VLAN assignment not shown after first assignment
  • BUGFIX: switch port settings: sort VLAN tags alphabetically
  • BUGFIX: switch port settings: highlight uplink port in the VLAN settings tab
  • BUGFIX: access point settings: prevent OM2P/OM2P-LC/OM2P-HS horizontal scrollbar
  • BUGFIX: access point settings: port info popup should disappear when scrolling
  • BUGFIX: access point settings: flip position of ‘recovery’ and ‘offline’ on outages graph
  • BUGFIX: radio frequency: rendering of streaming data failed without cached API data being present
  • BUGFIX: radio frequency: “last updated” not displayed when opening scan modal the first time
  • BUGFIX: radio frequency: make live streaming timeout dependent on number of device radios
  • BUGFIX: cloudtrax import: exclude files duplicates while importing splash pages
June 2020


  • FEATURE: marketplace: service network plans with restriction on number of devices
  • FEATURE: notifications: websocket-based notification service for instant streaming of events
  • FEATURE: API: export organization/network access permissions (edit/modify/delete)
  • FEAUTRE: API: export mesh recovery state in network/device outages
  • FEATURE: API: auto-assign management VLAN to all Switch ports
  • FEATURE: API: network protocol settings (STP)
  • BUGFIX: mesh: force-enable mesh on auto-recovered device
  • BUGFIX: disallow 2.4GHz channel 12 & 13 in the US as per FCC regulation
  • BUGFIX: handle TX power by selected channel to allow for higher power on 5GHz band
  • BUGFIX: when network TX power exceeds regulation maximum reduce to highest allowed value
  • BUGIFX: purge port VLAN settings when Switch is moved between networks
  • BUGFIX: disallow assigning VLAN 4095 as per RFC


  • FEATURE: global device search across device name / mac address / description
  • FEATURE: network settings: enable/disable STP protocol
  • FEATURE: VLAN overview table below Switch VLAN assignment
  • FEATURE: allow users to assign/unassign management VLAN to Switch ports
  • FEATURE: warn in case of low disk space on device
  • FEATURE: change organization & network description fields to multi-line
  • BUGFIX: prevent multiple API calls on network settings save
  • BUGFIX: Switch: port view SVG update to match latest front panel design
  • BUGFIX: Switch: various port table layout alignment issues
  • BUGFIX: settings history: inform user when history is blank
  • BUGFIX: client settings: rename ‘delete client’ to ‘clear policy’
  • BUGFIX: enforce permissions order upon listing shared assets
  • BUGFIX: reset ‘add device’ popup after closing ‘move device’ popup
April 2020


  • FEATURE: WiFi AI for mesh networks
  • FEATURE: switch port link configuration: link enable/disable, link speed auto or manual
  • FEATURE: switch port poe configuration: poe enable/disable
  • FEATURE: switch vlan configuration: default & allowed VLAN assignment
  • FEATURE: switch port type distinction: 1GE, SFP, SFP+
  • FEATURE: set local web GUI password via network settings
  • FEATURE: control led behavior active/alert/inactive via network settings
  • FEATURE: provisioning: per-device add/update/delete events for presence analytics services
  • BUGFIX: provisioning: network/org name update


  • FEATURE: client policy: block client with individual blocked message
  • FEATURE: client policy: allow client to bypass captive portal
  • FEATURE: define custom client name
  • FEATURE: configuration history for organisation / network / SSID / splash pages / VLAN / device settings
  • FEATURE: browsing through settings history highlights configuration differences
  • FEATURE: restore settings from configuration history
  • FEATURE: Japanese & Vietnamese localization
  • FEATURE: switch: port view highlighting disabled links, poe power draw, connection status and more
  • FEATURE: switch: interactive port default / allowed VLAN assignment
  • BUGFIX: enable Google Maps on shared networks if organisation provides Google Maps key
  • BUGFIX: cloudtrax-import: import network location/address
  • BUGFIX: properly handle decimal throttling values
February 2020


  • FEATURE: marketplace: separate subscription creation from payment to allow for payment retry and late payment
  • FEATURE: marketplace: service type ‘presence analytics’ support via CMX API
  • FEATURE: marketplace: ‘private’ services for special customer arrangements
  • FEATURE: marketplace: plan payment method ‘one-off’ as alternative to recurring payment plans
  • FEATURE: marketplace: ‘use network name as NAS ID’ setting for splashage service with RADIUS backend
  • FEATURE: provisioning: SSID add/update/delete events for splash page service
  • BUGFIX: rename firmware download URL to ‘’ to match documentation


  • FEATURE: service subscriptions: “Pay now” button for subscriptions in pending payment status
  • FEATURE: service subscriptions: edit active network(s) for active subscriptions
  • FEATURE: service subscriptions: sort by status, creation date or name
  • FEATURE: service subscriptions: filter by status
  • FEATURE: service subscriptions: highlight recurring vs one-off service plans
  • FEATURE: per-device historic client count displayed in per-device traffic chart
  • FEATURE: RF topology: WiFi neighbors belonging to same network displayed with name instead of BSSID
  • FEATURE: improve look & feel of account settings on mobile devices
  • FEATURE: configured table entries page views retained across sessions
  • FEATURE: Swedish, Greek & German localization
  • FEATURE: overview page: refresh button to fetch latest network data
  • FEATURE: network settings: display presence analytics settings when PA subscription is active
  • BUGFIX: SSID settings: throttling min/max range improved
  • BUGFIX: on new network creation, new network is auto-selected
  • BUGFIX: mesh topology: display loading wheel while loading data
  • BUGFIX: RF topology: display loading wheel while loading data
December 2019


  • FEATURE: marketplace subscription management API for third party integration
  • FEATURE: list third party splash page services as SSID splash page option
  • FEATURE: subscription payment logic
  • FEATURE: export WiFi client hostname when available
  • BUGFIX: prevent ‘forgetting’ device firmware upgrade error
  • BUGFIX: before selecting HT40 mode, WiFi AI checks if HT40 is allowed on selected channel
  • BUGFIX: increase WiFi scan SSID maximum length


  • FEATURE: marketplace with service browsing, subscription & payment
  • FEATURE: subscriptions menu to manage existing subscriptions
  • FEATURE: internationalization support for web console & mobile app
  • FEATURE: Italian localization as first non-English language
  • FEATURE: warn before unsaved device/ssid/vlan/network/splash page/organisation settings are lost
  • FEATURE: store WiFi scan result in browser cache for quick load (if available)
  • FEATURE: differentiate between 3rd party and own devices in manual WiFi scan data
  • FEATURE: highlight offline devices on RF topology map
  • FEATURE: newly created SSIDs are WPA secured with randomly generated password
  • FEATURE: asset list indicates asset type (organisation or network)
  • FEATURE: asset list sorted following organisation/network hierachy
  • FEATURE: asset list supports sorting by asset or by user
  • FEATURE: display WiFi client hostname (if available)
  • BUGFIX: define proper throughput unit for WiFi client throttling
  • BUGFIX: sort WiFi client last seen column correctly
  • BUGFIX: prevent drawing too many ticks on outages graph
  • BUGFIX: enable “OTP reset” flow in admin panel
October 2019


  • FEATURE: marketplace API for service listing & subscription
  • FEATURE: websocket service for live data streaming from devices to console / mobile app
  • FEATURE: last day/week/month network-wide Access Point & Switch outages
  • FEATURE: last day/week/month per-device Access Point & Switch outages
  • FEATURE: instant WiFi scan streaming API
  • FEATURE: firmware upgrade to respect maintenance window when configured
  • FEATURE: firmware upgrade status flags: eligible for upgrade / upgrade in progress / error while upgrading


  • FEATURE: RF topology for 2.4GHz & 5GHz WiFi neighborhood
  • FEATURE: live RF topology update via streaming API
  • FEATURE: allow cloning network settings upon creation of new network
  • FEATURE: upon deletion of network, delete all associated resources (SSIDs, VLANs, etc)
  • FEATURE: device firmware upgrade status indication
  • FEATURE: allow bypassing maintenance window and perform firmware upgrade immediately
  • FEATURE: per-SSID WiFi client throughput throttling
  • FEATURE: Access Point network outage visualization
  • FEATURE: Switch network outage visualization
  • FEATURE: per-Access Point / Switch outage visualization
  • FEATURE: PA300E Access Point icon
  • FEATURE: allow renaming cached splash page assets via splash page editor
  • FEATURE: improve responsiveness by caching API data across windows
  • FEATURE: report if an unsupported channel/HT-mode was configured on AP
  • FEATURE: report if a disabled VLAN was configured for SSID/wired-clients bridging
  • FEATURE: add link to Knowledge Base for device warnings
August 2019


July 2019


  • FEATURE: introduce automated WiFi settings service for optimal channel & HT-mode configuration
  • FEATURE: consider maintenance window for WiFi service optimization schedule
  • FEATURE: introduce WiFi scan topology with WiFi network type, signal strength, encryption method, etc.
  • FEATURE: apply WiFi settings based on priority list (manual settings override WiFi settings service override network settings)
  • FEATURE: add Access-Control-Expose-Headers CORS header to API replies for browser to allow accessing non-standard HTTP headers
  • FEATURE: expose affected radio details on unsupported channel / ht-mode warning flag
  • BUGFIX: allow underscore in splash page asset filename
  • BUGFIX: allow underscore in walled garden domain name
  • BUGFIX: verify network timezone is valid value


  • FEATURE: installable mobile application (PWA)
  • FEATURE: network maintenance window management
  • FEATURE: introduce splash page templates (coffee shop click-through/hotel click-through/terms & conditions)
  • FEATURE: add device model column with device specific icons for all supported Access Points
  • FEATURE: add device model column with device specific icons for all supported Switches
  • FEATURE: per-Switch Ethernet/SFP uplink port details (connected, disconnected, link speed & uplink)
  • FEATURE: visually highlight uplink port on Access Point details
  • FEATURE: visually highlight uplink port on Switch details
  • FEATURE: support scanning QR code on mobile devices
  • FEATURE: allow specifying the network address during network creation
  • FEATURE: networks without devices center the map on network address
  • FEATURE: allow sharing organisations with others users via organisation settings
  • FEATURE: allow sharing networks with others users via network settings
  • FEATURE: embed link to ‘getting started’ user guide
  • FEATURE: introduce mesh topology refresh action to retrieve latest network mesh data
  • FEATURE: allow creating a new splash page from the SSID settings
  • BUGFIX: missing port descriptions of OpenMesh Access Points
  • BUGFIX: automatically remove splash page assets no longer referenced
  • BUGFIX: prevent display of negative last checkin / last seen values
  • BUGFIX: improved input checking & error reporting on splash page save
  • BUGFIX: resize overview & mesh map with screen size
  • BUGFIX: various responsiveness fixes for better mobile support
  • BUGFIX: erroneous maintenance window Cloudtrax import
  • BUGFIX: sort device table view options in alphabetical order
  • BUGFIX: Safari Browser compatibility fixes for enable/disable switchery & port popover
May 2019


March 2019


  • FEATURE: support per-device SSID assignment
  • FEATURE: support instant device reboot via API call
  • FEATURE: fallback checkin mechanism added for networks suffering from DNS failures
  • FEATURE: report DNS failure via status flag
  • FEATURE: report DNS failure history via device outage
  • FEATURE: shared network – allow retrieving client traffic
  • FEATURE: shared network – allow adding/deleting/pairing/rebooting a new device
  • FEATURE: shared network – list splash pages if associated with shared network
  • FEATURE: maintenance window for wifi optimization & firmware upgrades added
  • BUGFIX: limit allowed characters for walled garden entries
  • BUGFIX: allow hyphen in splash page asset file name


  • FEATURE: per-AccessPoint details with device name, mac address & WiFi radio overrides
  • FEATURE: per-AccessPoint Ethernet port details (connected, disconnected, link speed & uplink)
  • FEATURE: per-AccessPoint SSID assignment added
  • FEATURE: highlight AccessPoint without SSID assignment
  • FEATURE: display AccessPoint LAN/Gateway/WAN IP addresses
  • FEATURE: per-Switch details with device name, mac address & PoE budget
  • FEATURE: per-Switch Ethernet port details (PoE consumption, connected, disconnected, link speed & uplink)
  • FEATURE: per-Switch PoE consumption visualization indicating low/medium/high consumption
  • FEATURE: display Switch LAN/Gateway/WAN IP addresses
  • FEATURE: cloudtrax import: add option to unlock or remote upgrade access points
  • FEATURE: cloudtrax import: convert SSIDs to per-device SSIDs
  • FEATURE: cloudtrax import: store per-network maintenance window
  • FEATURE: add reboot action to device menu
  • FEATURE: device ‘view options’ allows tweaking visible table columns
  • FEATURE: report checkin DNS failure in status column
  • BUGFIX: properly handle removal of last device in a network
  • BUGFIX: handle aborted organization creation
  • BUGFIX: menu items misalignment due to various icon sizes
  • BUGFIX: after creating an org, the console should select the new org as active org
  • BUGFIX: hide “pair device” action in menu if pairing_needed flag is not set
  • BUGFIX: cloudtrax import: Block LAN settings fixed
  • BUGFIX: splash page editor: allow uploading SVG images
February 2019


  • FEATURE: oauth server alias for domain
  • FEATURE: support shared organisation access
  • FEATURE: support shared network access
  • FEATURE: local splash page asset support
  • FEATURE: basic switch integration with checkin handling for PoE overview, port usage overview, uplink information, IP addresses and more
  • FEATURE: device ports API call supplying per-port information:
    • port enabled/disabled status
    • port link information (auto-negotiated vs manually configured, half duplex/full duplex, speed)
    • PoE power draw (enabled/disabled, budget, consumption)
    • port client count (translation table)
  • FEATURE: store switch statistics & output via reports API call:
    • network-wide switch rx/tx traffic statistics for last day/week/month
    • network-wide switch client count statistics for last day/week/month
    • per-device switch rx/tx traffic statistics for last day/week/month
    • per-device switch client count statistics for last day/week/month
  • FEATURE: output device status flag indicate ‘pairing needed’
  • BUGFIX: support standard OAuth Bearer Token authorization header
  • BUGFIX: prevent creation of network using an expired access token
  • BUGFIX: proper checkin JSON validation before processing checkin
  • BUGFIX: disallow non-compliant AccessPoint network name broadcast
  • BUGFIX: disallow non-compliant AccessPoint HT-modes on 2.4GHz


  • FEATURE: splash page management (add/list/assign/delete)
  • FEATURE: WYSIWYG splash page editor for single page splash pages
  • FEATURE: splash page timeout, redirect, walled garden & policy settings
  • FEATURE: splash page asset (images, css, etc) add/fetch/update
  • FEATURE: Switch device list displaying status, poe budget, ports, etc
  • FEATURE: network-wide switch traffic statistics
  • FEATURE: per-device switch traffic statistics
  • FEATURE: move device to other network
  • FEATURE: ‘pairing needed’ notification in Access Point table
  • FEATURE: MAC address without colons accepted on device add
  • FEATURE: handle shared organisations and networks
  • FEATURE: standard OAuth Bearer Token authorization header
  • FEATURE: adapt accesspoint/switch device list to small screen resolutions
  • FEATURE: error messages polished for better user experience
  • BUGFIX: suppress UI before redirecting to login page
  • BUGFIX: prevent first login failure on token expiration
  • BUGFIX: properly handle networks without SSIDs
  • BUGFIX: fix SSID enable/disable knob
  • BUGFIX: reload network list after renaming network
  • BUGFIX: rebrand to